Occasionally putting up a sustainable house doesn’t really resolve much. We only create impact when we (re)build entire neighborhoods. The question then is: What do those neighborhoods look like? How green are they? How do we make them truly circular and does more green also mean more together? Thanks to innovations in water processing, green roofs, soil purification and harvest walls, neighborhoods will not only pollute less, they will also contribute to a better and more inclusive living environment for people, animals and nature. 

The Green City
It is clear that cities should pollute less. But we can go one step further and let the buildings themselves contribute to more biodiversity, better water collection, cleaner air and more greenery. In green cities, we combine technological innovations with a love for more nature.

The new living
How are we going to live in the sustainable future? Are we going to be able to easily shrink and expand our homes? Are we going to be able to move our homes with us? Are we still the owner and what do we own exactly? Are we living alone or more together than ever?

Green means together
More green sounds great and above all necessary but what does that mean for the social aspect of our society? Does more green also mean more together? What does our green public space look like? Who is responsible for all that green and circularity? And what is our role in all this?

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