About us

The Exploded View stands for a radical new look at the realization of a home: pulling apart and dissecting the endless number of applications found in a house, in order to rebuild them using circular methods and biobased materials. The materials and applications of today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

The Exploded View is also showcasing the endless, potential material streams available that are not yet being used in the construction world. For example, material streams from food, textiles, sewage water, buildings or even from our own living environment. Through this experimental design, we share our research towards materials that can keep the production circle as small and as efficient as possible.

Above all, The Exploded View is a ‘live research’ and ‘storytelling’ installation. It is a model of a detached house in which we display various biobased materials and circular methods side by side. Through both the model and the life-size blueprint, we show all that we have discovered, as well as the parts that we are still missing—the question marks. We will be discussing all of its qualities as well as its weak points. This way, we invite everyone to think and act together with us. Because there is so much knowledge available, there is not one right method or solution for sustainable construction. Will you join us on this journey?

CREDITS The Exploded View
Design: Pascal Leboucq (Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes)
Concept: Pascal Leboucq & Lucas De Man (Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes)

The Exploded View is an initiative of:
BPD, Jansen by ODS, Moodumo, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Buro Kade, Dutch Design Foundation, Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes.

The Exploded View is made possible by:
Lectoraat BioBased Bouwen CoEBBE / Avans Hogeschool & HZ University of Applied Science, CLICKNL, Design United, Blue City, LENTE woningcorporaties, Stichting Agrodome, Primum, Greenport West-Holland, Eco+Bouw, studio ARCA, Forbo Flooring, Martens Keramiek, Ten Cate Outdoorfabrics, Energie- en Grondstoffenfabriek, Aquaminerals, ECOplex, De Wit ≠ Weismann.

Together these organisations form The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building, curated by Biobased Creations, part of World Design Embassies program of Dutch Design Foundation program. .