How it’s made

The Exploded View Beyond Building is a huge modular installation made with almost 100 different materials and 6 different construction methods. It was realized by more than 100 partners. Cool. Nice. But how? How do you get started? How do you build this and with whom? We tell you all about it here. 

Research & design 
We started the design process of The Exploded View Beyond Building back in 2019. We as Biobased Creations and our partners had just made The Growing Pavilion, a pavilion made out of mycelium and 5 other biobased materials. The enormous positive reactions from all over the world and the many requests from designers and material suppliers to also be allowed to participate, convinced us that there had to be a follow-up. In 2020, we proudly presented the installation The Exploded View Materials and Methods, a house, scale 1 to 4, with more than 40 biobased materials and circular building methods. This installation got a lot of praise and has been travelling the world since, showcasing what is possible in sustainable building. 

The next step in the research was the development of the Design by Nature exhibition, which was shown in Museum de Fundatie in the summer of 2021. In this exhibition we show The Exploded View Materials & Methods together with 30 applied designs that show the inventiveness and beauty of applied art, based on nature, and in our everyday domestic environment.

However, we and our partners grew the desire to show all these materials and methods on a true scale. If you want to show what is possible, you really have to do it. At the same time, we increasingly realized that if you want to build sustainably, you have to consider the entire chain. You can’t just talk about materials and methods. You have to show how sustainable building is part of the search for a different value system and how it has an impact on the entire living environment. 

That’s how The Exploded View Beyond Building came about. An exhibition in the shape of a house where we share stories in addition to materials and methods


We could never have realized this innovative installation without the support of our building partners; Caspar de HaanWAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep, Fiction Factory and Jansen. To find out more about who they are and what they have done in The Exploded View Beyond Building, click their logos beneath this text.