TNO fieldlab

Fieldlab session during DDW21, photo by Merel Hegenbart

The Exploded View Beyond Building is also a field lab for emission-free building. We have set up a cooperation programme with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). TNO analyses 9 of the materials in the installation for climate impact, application possibilities and development perspective. TNO then helps these producers to take the next step in bringing their materials to the market. 

After all, the material producers are linked to market parties in the process. By working together you get to know each other and you can help each other. Thanks to TNO, smaller producers and designers are helped to get their materials approved more quickly and ultimately to sell them professionally.  

Market parties involved:

BPD, Buro Kade, Buyers group biobased bouwmaterialen, Caspar de Haan, Conceptbouwers, Fiction Factory, Primum, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Regio Alkmaar, Roosros, Space and Matter, Stichting Agrodome, Van Gelder, WAM&VanDuren

We need you too!

Our question to you: By completing a short survey you help us to gain more insight into the opportunities for biobased construction. In this way we can help the producers of biobased materials in the development and upscaling of their materials.

Material producers: