Fiction Factory

Fiction Factory makes whatever you can imagine: exhibitions, shop interiors, offices and restaurants, but also complicated one off-productions and stands. They make these on behalf of architects and designers. The ambition is to do all this as sustainable as possible and to further develop it in sustainable and circular projects.


Fiction Factory is committed to urging their suppliers to source responsibly. Think of materials with an FSC/PEFC quality mark, with which the origin of the product can be traced back to the source. Contributing to a good and healthy future for wood products is high on the list of priorities.

Where design and construction permit, fast-growing, cultivated, non-tropical woods such as poplar and spruce are preferred. Fiction Factory also tries to think along with their customers about responsible purchasing of materials and the recycling of already produced parts. Even after a project has been completed, there is an active search for a sustainable destination of parts and materials. Unfortunately, many of the beautiful things we build become redundant within a day, week, month or a few years, so the goal has been set to take active steps towards sustainability here too. One of these steps is to take a pioneering role in circular construction. Because Fiction Factory carries out many operations in its own workshop, they control the sustainability of the materials and they reduce the environmental impact of the transport of purchased parts.