Hemp floor insulation

HempFlax Building Solutions GmbH

These insulating floor parts retain warmth, but also regulate humidity. They are exclusively made of natural materials, and as a result their CO2 emissions are up to ten times lower than conventional insulation materials.

Made from

Shredded and pressed hemp.


Hemp floor insulation is now mainly used in timber frame construction and, for example, for post-insulation in existing buildings. In addition to floor insulation, the material can also be used for roofs and walls.

Environmental impact

  • Hemp stores CO2 during growth
  • Prevents land subsidence
  • Growing hemp contributes to biodiversity
  • In addition, there are also advantages to the production process of insulation material: Up to 10 times less energy is used compared to the production of synthetic and mineral alternatives.

Growth opportunities

More awareness of the many benefits of using hemp will contribute to a better appreciation of this product. Considering the total life cycle, hemp floor insulation is cheaper compared to most conventional materials. Biobased construction requires a re-valuation of what is of value.