Hemp tent fabric

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics / Hennepdoek

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is getting closer and closer to a solution to make tent fabrics from environment-friendly materials. Half of this widely available hemp tent fabric is made of organic materials – a combination of hemp (20%) and organic cotton (30%). The other half is made from recycled polyester. The combination of these three sustainable fibers guarantees a long lifespan. 

Outdoor accommodation made of nature-friendly materials

This tent fabric is made of:

  • 20% hemp
  • 30% organic cotton
  • 50% recycled polyester

Production process

  • Plastic residual materials are recycled into granules under certified circumstances. The granules are spun into new yarns.
  • The organic cotton is grown in India, the entire chain is certified.
  • The share of hemp comes from China, where it is processed into fiber material so that it can be spun into yarn later.


This tent fabric is applied in tents produced by Ten Cate

Environmental impact

  • The tent fabric is made of raw materials that have a lower environmental impact in comparison to conventional fibers.
  • By combining three sustainable fibers, TenCate Outdoor fabrics developed a tent fabric with an expected long life span.

Growth opportunities

Part of the raw materials could be produced closer to home, to reduce environmental impacts even more.

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