Paper and cardboard waste insulation

EverUse circulaire isolatie

What if old paper doesn’t become waste but takes on a new shape? This insulation material, made out of paper and cardboard waste, can be used to thermally and acoustically insulate offices, homes, sheds and furniture. The material contains no harmful substances and is 100% recyclable.

EverUse is made of

  • Paper waste
  • Card board waste
  • Environmental friendly binder (5%)

Production proces

The production of the insulation boards is relatively simple. The cardboard and paper scraps are collected, ground and mixed. Then bound with an environmentally friendly binder, heated and pressed into an insulation mat.

From an old newspaper to a warm wall


With EverUse you can insulate thermally and acoustically. This is currently done in offices, homes, warehouses and furniture. The circular insulation factory EverUse can already produce on a large scale.

2018-01-23 SNEEK – King Willem-Alexander opens the circulair insulation-fabric EverUse. ANP ROYAL IMAGES PATRICK VAN KATWIJK

Environmental impact

  • In this process, waste is upcycled into a circular product. EverUse’s factory can completely revamp the material. This makes the material 100% circular.
  • 1kg EverUse insulation material stores 1kg CO².
  • The material does not contain polluting substances
  • EverUse has a C2C certificate. C2C stands for “cradle to cradle”. For a C2C certificate, products must be remountable or fully recyclable. In addition, the product may not contain polluting raw materials.
  • The production process takes place entirely in the Netherlands. So few emissions from transport within the Dutch market.

Also nice!

  • With 45mm EverUse, 100% of the sound is absorbed. So there are no reflecting sound waves. Ideal for rooms where acoustics are essential, or for those who want to live quietly.
  • Vapor-open construction is increasingly important. EverUsecan makes this possible. Thereby the material also contributes to a healthy indoor climate.

Growth opportunities

EverUse can already produce on a large scale. However, constructors often apply materials they are familiar with for some time. Switching to a less familiar material does not happen to often, despite proven qualities. If that mentality changes, there will be room to apply it on a larger scale.

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