Poplar multiplex


The poplar is a relatively fast-growing tree that grows close to home. By growing these trees along arable fields, the wood can be harvested every 10 to 15 years without affecting the forests. Ecoplex replants young trees immediately after cutting. The poplar wood is processed into an environmentally friendly plywood. The transportation lines from the fields to the factory are short, and planting trees ensures CO2 absorption.

Ecoplex is made of poplar wood

Production process

  • The poplar tree is the basis of Ecoplex. This tree is cultivated along arable fields.
  • The cuttings are planted in straight lines and are ready to cut in 10 to 15 years. Because of this cultivation method, there is no damage done to the adjacent trees or forest during cutting.
  • After cutting, new trees are immediately replanted. The poplar tree does not grow in forest stands with older trees or in primeval forests, simply because it doesn’t survive it these ecosystems.
  • The plywood is glued without using formaldehyde.


Ecoplex is applied as environment friendly plywood. This can be processed in many ways, for example in building interiors, stands, campers and ships.

Environmental impacts

De poplar tree is a relatively fast-growing tree that is available close to home. This means:

  • Short transportation lines from the arable fields to the factories and the buyers, and therefore low CO2 emissions.
  • Trees store CO2 during their growth and are therefore a CO2 negative building material.
  • Poplars are fast-growing trees and therefore poplar wood is a quickly renewable materials.
  • No added formaldehyde


Contributes to a healthy indoor climate

Physical building qualities

Curious about more detailed information? -> https://www.biobasedbouwen.nl/

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