Pressed seaweed tiles

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Seaweed is a fast growing crop that does not require fresh water, land, fertilizers or pesticides while it captures CO2. Sea-Wood is a series of board materials made of local seaweeds. Together with residual flows from the wood and paper processing industry and the natural binder that is extracted from the seaweed itself, a material comparable to softboard, MDF or chipboard is made as clean and circular building material.

Even the binder of these plates is extracted from local seaweeds

Made from

  • 60-90% seaweed from the North Sea
  • Residual flows from the wood and paper processing industry are added to this
  • A natural binding agent is used, that is released from the seaweed during the making process

Production process

The seaweed is harvested in a responsible way. After it’s dried, the weed is mixed with the natural binder from seaweed in a clean chemical process, together with 10-40% fiber-containing residual flows. Finally, the plates are dried, pressed and cured. If necessary, the plates are finished with a glossy coating, which is also obtained from seaweed.


The pressed seaweed panels are now ready to be tested in practice, on a project basis. The panels can be used for (non-load-bearing) interior walls, for decorative, acoustic, insulating and fire-resistant finishes and furniture.

Environmental impact

  • This product is 100% natural, no synthetic resin or glue is needed.
  • During growth, the seaweed absorbs CO2, which is stored in the plate material.
  • Seaweed growth does not put additional pressure on land or freshwater.
  • Residual flows from the wood and paper processing industry are upgraded.
  • Sea-Wood panels are compostable. For the purpose of circularity, research is currently being conducted into the reconstruction and transformation of used plates into new plate material.

Growth opportunities

The material requires practical tests, which require pilot projects. This also contributes to the quantification of the product. In addition, (industrial) partners are needed for upscaling in order to be able to fully participate in the market.

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