Rice husk composite

Fiberplast / NoWood Resysta

Fiberplast transforms rice husks from the food industry into panels with unique properties by mixing them with mineral oil and rock salt. This material is just as widely applicable as wood while it is also water and moisture resistant, and it can be bent into elegant flowing forms with the addition of heat.

Made from

  • 60% Rice husk
  • 22% Rock salt
  • 18% Mineral oil

Production process

The raw materials are brought together in a machine that turns them into a plate material by means of heating and pressing (extrusion).


Rice husk composite materials is universally applicable in all sorts of constructions. The plate material can be processed as wood and is currently used for construction signs, traffic signs, facade cladding, furniture and interior.

Environmental impact

Rice husks from the food industry are not wasted if it is used as a raw material for plates. Fiberplast ensures a circular process, residual parts can be returned to Fiberplast itself.

Growth opportunities

Composite from rice husks are already widely applicable. New markets, broader consumer awareness and other forms of outlets will enable the Fiberplast to grow even more. This means that it will increasingly be possible to find a new destination for rice husks.

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