Urban Mining

Buro Kade

Using Urban Mining, a building isn’t demolished but instead the present materials are harvested. The harvested materials are then ready for high-quality reuse. The end result is not fixed when designing with harvested materials. The materials define the direction of the design, and therefore the final result is often surprising. Circular and harvested materials are always implemented in a way they add value to the design.

Urban Mining The New Block by Buro Kade

The New Block is a movement. A network. A platform for pioneers. We can’t wait for the world to be fully circular. No need to talk. We walk the walk. We dare to start with high expectations, and we strive for perfection. We’re the new kid on the block. We want to learn, build, question, progress, invite and take charge. The New Block Way will be heard around the block.

In order for changemakers to exceed our expectations towards a circular world, we need to educate, investigate, innovate and pay it forward. A platform needs changemakers and pioneers to challenge new ways of thinking and building. The New Block is a living lab that will do just that. A place to meet, talk, discuss and create. 

The New Block is located in the SFS building. This building, together with the adjacent SFH building / Microlab, was the last building on Strijp-S that was used by Philips. The SFS building functioned as a service building for the cleanrooms in the SFH building and was full of boilers, pipes, pipes and storage tanks. Both buildings were connected to each other through a pipeline. Now we grow up, we mature, and we stand on our own two feet. But we keep looking for the connection.

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