Bas Froon

Studio Bas Froon

Craftsmanship, digital production and circular design meet in this acoustic interior panel. Designer Bas Froon not only used sustainable materials in his design, he has also used regional materials and producers as far as possible. Because the panel is easy to dismantle, all parts and materials can be simply recycled at the end of the product’s economic life.

The soft outer layer of the panel is made from Texel wool combined with recycled fibres from jeans. This wool is not often used in the Netherlands, as it is easier to import cheap wool from distant countries. Indeed, 95% of all Dutch wool is actually destroyed. The sides are made of flax composite and give the design rigidity. The acoustic inner layer is made entirely of recycled jeans. The combination of hand-painted areas and digital micro-moulding techniques produces a visual bas-relief effect.

Bas Froon believes that groundbreaking solutions for tomorrow can only come from an integrated approach to commercial innovation and product development. New business models must be developed through ‘design thinking’, while at the same time respecting today’s industrial reality. Product development must build on the latest technologies and innovative materials, without losing sight of the realities of the market.

Froon therefore focuses mainly on physical products, and on how they can help meet the needs of tomorrow’s markets and users. Alongside his work as a researcher and designer, Froon also helps companies with complex innovation issues involving new materials, sustainability and digital production techniques.