CorkTess and CorkNature


In the Exploded View Beyond Building two applications of Gencork are used: 

  • Corktess explores the algorithmic creation of complex geometries on flat surfaces. This cork panel was inspired by origami paper structures that create different topologies with dynamic movements and minimal aesthetic. 
  • Corknature is a disruptive pattern that combines cork and plants that are naturally preserved, with strong flexibility, plasticity and natural vigor without any maintenance. A good example of a biomimetic and biologic approach.

Cork like you have never seen before


Made of

  • 100% natural and sustainable expanded cork

Production process

  • For these products, only used cork of the branches (falca) is used to manufacture the cork granules.
  • These are block clusters in an autoclave, a process that’s 100% natural, without the use of additives. 
  • This technology, developed by Sofalca, consists of injecting water vapor through pellets that will expand and agglomerate with the resin of the cork itself. 
  • This cooking process also gives the resulting cork a dark color, like chocolate. 
  • During the production of the steam, biomass is used, which is obtained in milling and cleaning the falca. That’s what makes it a truly ecological production and without waste, with a 95% energy self-sufficiency. 


You can find the generative cork panels across the world, in hotels, restaurants, offices and public spaces.

Environmental Impact

  • Made in Portugal 
  • 100% natural, ecological
  • 100% recyclable
  • 95% energy self-sufficient production 
  • Hypoallergenic properties water 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Preservation and respect for trees 

Good to know!

Cork offers a huge range of advantages, because it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and vibration resistant. The cork color changes with exposure to sunlight (UV). Cork’s scent is natural, non-toxic and disappears with time.