Eco-boards ®

Ecoboard international BV

ECOBoards Standard panels made of natural fibers represent a sustainable and green solution, which can be applied in the construction of buildings and house renovation as well as the manufacturing of furniture.

Made of 

Agricultural fibres, residue or by-products from harvests, a product that is usually burned as a waste problem. Such as straw or reed. 

Environmental impact

  • 1 piece ECOBoard (1220 x 2440 x 18 mm) can store and avoid 150 kg of CO2
  • Can reduce the harmful effects of 4 kg of formaldehyde
  • A tree with a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 2 m will NOT be felled!
  • while the amount of emission is equal to the emission of 100 kg of oxygen, or the total amount of oxygen absorbed by 1 person per year.

ECO-Boards have a NEGATIVE CO2 footprint of MIN – 0.98 kg, so they store or capture CO2 approximately their own weight. Creating a circular biobased economy by combining environmentally friendly innovations and having a major impact on our carbon footprint by storing CO2 in healthy Biobased Buildings & Furnitures

Production process

Agricultural waste is bonded together with the natural lignin of the cellulose fibers with only 3-5% additive without formaldehyde or other VOCs.

Growth opportunities

The panels are currently still made in China because there are no production facilities anywhere in the world. Before 2025 at the latest, the first production facilities will be visible in the EU.