Eggshell ceramic


The Netherlands is the biggest egg producer in the world, at 10 billion a year. An egg provides valuable material – eggshell – that tends to be regarded as waste. Broken eggshells are often used in farming to improve the soil, however. With its EggShell Ceramic series Atelier LVDW is showing how we can reuse this material before returning it to nature. The designers have developed a strong biodegradable material from eggshells that might potentially offer a sustainable alternative to products which we normally use only once. It looks like ceramic, but weighs the same as cardboard, so it can be used in many different ways. At the end of its life, the product can still be used in farming. Atelier LVDW’s new material thus creates an extra stage in the life cycle of the eggshell. Atelier LVDW is currently working on the further development of EggShell Ceramic.  

This object is part of the Design by Nature collection of Museum de Fundatie. On this page you will find more information about this exhibition and you can visit it digitally via a video tour.