Silent reed

Het Stille Verzet

Silent Reed is a natural reed that is cut and selected with perfect acoustic performances. 

Made of

  • Dutch Reed from the Weerribben
  • Formaldehyde-free multiplex
  • Flexible glue

Production Process

  • First, the harvest and selection of the reed in thickness takes place.
  • Then comes the cutting of the reed to the right length into bundles.
  • Thereafter the wall panel is cut and assembled.
  • The bundles of reeds are glued to the wall panels.
  • These should dry for three days.


This material can be used as acoustic panels that absorb sound.

Environmental impact

  • This reed is locally harvested in Friesland. 
  • The reed removes CO₂ from the air all year round.

Good to know

This material has an acoustics AW-value of 1,0.

Growth opportunities

More attention for ‘biophilic design’ offers an opportunity for this material. This kind of design brings elements of the natural world back into our living environment. Silent reed, for example, could contribute to good acoustics in an office environment.