Smartty Air Clean


Thanks to the invention of Eduard van Vliet, the Smartty Air Clean is smarter than a standard plant wall. From now on, the advantages of a large plant wall will also fit into any room, whether it is an office, kitchen, classroom or a room in a hospital.

The Smartty Air Clean purifies the air, via the plants and substrates, of numerous harmful substances (for example C02 en formaldehyde) and introduces natural humidity into the room. As a result, better health, concentration, performance and mental state are achieved. The Smartty gives itself water and growing light.

Bring the power of nature inside

Made of

  • The specially selected plants substrates meet the highest cultivation standards. 
  • These plants are placed in the Smartty Air Clean, which is made of (stainless) steel. 

Production Process

  • Plants are grown.
  • The (stainless) steel parts are manufactured in (social) workshops.
  • Steel parts will be sent to the customer via drop-shipment as much as possible.
  • Customers receive plants after the wall has been placed.
  • Manufacturing and processing is largely outsourced socially to (social) workshops.


The Smartty Air Clean can be placed in all types of rooms, such as an office, classroom, kitchen, living room or a room in the hospital.

Environmental impact

  • Both plants and steel are fully recyclable. 
  • Production takes place regionally as much as possible. 
  • Transport is done via drop-shipment as much as possible. 
  • The system works on low voltage to minimize energy consumption and is controlled via a special App, which prevents unnecessary wilting of plants. The lifespan of a Smartty Air Clean can therefore extend by many decades.

Good to know

In addition to the many health benefits, the plants in the Smartty Air Clean also improve the acoustics.

Growth opportunities

Since COVID, we seem more aware of the value of healthy air with the right humidity. People also seem more aware of the purifying power of nature and it seems logical that we should bring it closer to humans. Now, people have to discover that you can match the power of nature with these air filter installations in buildings.