Design agency Fabrikoos makes circular furniture for healthy and attractive working environments. They are made only of natural raw materials or waste products. Fabrikoos products are made by a five-metre-long computer-controlled milling machine, allowing them to be produced with the utmost precision. This in turn allows them to be assembled using ingenious joints that means the furniture, including the SOOF chair, does not need to be held together with nails, screws or glue. Fabrikoos furniture can simply be ‘clicked’ into place like a puzzle. The agency’s digital craftsmanship combines traditional and industrial production techniques. Because the chair is so easy to dismantle, all the individual elements can easily be reused. Detachability is one of the first steps towards a circular economy. 

SOOF is a design by Anne-Sophie Wouters. The seat looks very comfortable, and invites us to sit for a while. The expressive connection between the tiles and the structure also creates a nice juxtaposition between the surface and the layers of the plywood. The ‘friction-fit’ gives SOOF a unique look full of contrasts. 

This object is part of the Design by Nature collection of Museum de Fundatie. On this page you will find more information about this exhibition and you can visit it digitally via a video tour.