Søuld Acoustic Mats


Søuld’s acoustic products are made from eelgrass—a natural, non-toxic, CO₂-storing material—to create pleasant indoor environments that promote human health and well-being. The material’s organic properties stimulate the senses and provide interiors with warmth and tactility.

Architectural materials made from eelgrass for healthy and environmentally friendly living.

Made of

  • Eelgrass
  • Flame retardant
  • Bicomponent binder

Production process

  • Eelgrass is a natural resource which reproduces itself annually in the sea, washes ashore without any human intervention, and is dried on nearby fields by the sun and wind. 
  • The eelgrass is analyzed, sorted and classified according to colour and quality, then shredded down to shorter standardized fibres to ensure the best aesthetic and mechanical properties. Initially, the shredded fibres are impregnated with a natural, non-toxic flame retardant. 
  • The blended fibres are then formed into eelgrass batts using airlaid technology (a process which balances a low temperature with high compression).


This material is used as ceiling and wall cladding

Environmental impact

Seagrass binds large amounts of CO₂ during its growth, and if it is broken down, it would release CO₂ back into the atmosphere. By safely storing this CO₂ in sustainable building materials, Søuld’s products serve as carbon sinks, resulting in a very positive climate impact.

Good to know

Søuld’s products are manufactured in Denmark through close relationships with local partners who are equally committed to quality, sustainability, and to producing materials with lasting value. They only use compounds that are manufactured without noxious chemicals and don’t release any volatile organic compounds into the indoor environment. The acoustic panels are designed to be fully circular and with the lowest environmental impact possible.


As a result of the material’s porous structure,  the acoustic mats deliver a sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies. By heavily dampening noise, the mats help to create restful and productive atmospheres within residential, industrial and public spaces, contributing to human health and well-being.