TERRA_STORY 2021 / 2019


Each type of earth has its own colour. Fabrikaat explore typical regional materials for innovative and sustainable applications at their base in Nijmegen. For centuries the river Waal has determined the landscape and use of the environment there. Fabrikaat shed new light on the alluvial clay from the river and other typical regional materials, which are becoming increasingly visible as the new Nijmegen-North area is developed.

Together with designers, scientists and developers, Fabrikaat look for new applications for Nijmegen river clay combined with other meaningful materials that have traditional meaning in this former agricultural region, such as waste products from beekeeping and dairy and poultry farming: beeswax, dairy products, eggshells and bone. And raw materials from invasive exotic species that currently pose a threat to native flora, such as Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed and Himalayan balsam. 

The result is a constantly growing set of research results and new products, like the mugs made by TERRA_STORY coated in slip made of alluvial clay quarried at several locations in Nijmegen-North. Each slip has its own colour and texture, unique to the place where the clay comes from. The number on the item refers to the map reference of the location where it was gathered.