Thermo Hanf Combi Jute


Thermo Hanf Combi Jute is a high-quality insulation material made from the industrial fiber hemp plant. A natural product with an exceptionally good insulating effect. The unique thermal, acoustic and moisture-regulating properties of the hemp fiber undeniably contribute to a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Sustainable building with top quality hemp materials without harmful substances. Extremely comfortable and healthy living with minimal environmental impact.

Made of

fiber hemp

Production rocess

The fibers are extracted from the bark, the outside of the stem. Hemp fibers are strong, very flexible and very light, which is a huge advantage, especially in construction.


Hemp insulation products are suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, facades and floors in new and existing buildings. This material is the wonderful natural alternative to synthetic and mineral insulation materials. In addition to traditional building techniques, our product is extremely suitable for timber frame construction. When using Thermo Hanf Combi Jute in ‘vapour-permeable’ building constructions, the unique qualities of this natural product come into their own even better.

Environmental Impact

  •  CO2 negative, so very good for the environment
  • Highly breathable: ideal for a comfortable and healthy living environment
  • Temperature and moisture regulating: comfortable and good for the wallet
  • Very strong insulating, both thermally and acoustically
  • Lightweight: much less strong supporting structures required

Growth opportunities

New applications for industrial hemp are constantly being developed. HempFlax continuously works on the development and innovation of products.


  • Prevents mold formation
  • Extremely suitable and extra effective in ‘vapour-permeable’ building constructions
  • Does not cause skin and respiratory problems, so healthy to work with