TROBOLO® tiny dry toilet


This TINY dry toilet from Trobolo is made of wood in round shapes. As the word ‘dry toilet’ says, it works completely dry, without water, without chemicals. Thanks to a built-in ventilation, the contents are dried and all odors extracted, which ensures that the toilet is always fresh.

It is equipped with a urine separator, just like in our body, urine is separated from the faeces, thereby allowing the faeces to dry out together with the paper. The urine is drained separately, this can be done in two ways: connected to the sink drain or it is collected in a special urine collection tank with automatic, simple mixing installation. Here, urine is mixed with rainwater or tap water (⅛) and can be used directly in the garden! After approximately 2-4 weeks, the bucket with dried material can then be taken out and put in a compost bin. After approx. 1 year you get clean, safe and mineral-rich compost.

With a dry or compost toilet you save approximately 15,000 liters of drinking water per person per year, which is approximately 45 liters per day

Ecosave doesn’t think of urine and faeces as a waste product, but as a very valuable raw material in our biological cycle. The Trobolo TINY dry toilet is 1 of the 28 compost toilets in the ECOSAVE range with which they complete the cycle.