Typha Technik, co-developer is Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik

Typhaboard  is made from typha (cattail), a plant that grows quickly and easily in all kinds of swamps around the world. Typha’s production fits perfectly with sustainable landscape management.

Made of

  • 50 % Cattail (Typha Angustifolia)
  • 50% magensite


Can be used as insulation board, construction board, inner wall or rigid filling.

Environmental Impact

The use of cattail has many positive effects on the environment:

  • Stop subsidence
  • Stop CO2 emissions from soil Storage CO2 in plants
  • Water and soil purification
  • Mining fertilizers
  • Nature restoration & increase

Good to know

This material is heat and sound insulating, moisture buffering and fire retardant. It also has a high percentage of polyphenols which gives natural protection against fungi and insects.