The abbreviation ZOAK (in Dutch) stands for Very Open Waste Ceramics, or Very Open Waste Ceramics paving. The small tiles are produced from ceramic waste (95%) that arises during the production of ceramic tiles. In this way, this waste gets a new life. 

Due to its capillary action, ZOAK actively contributes to the water cycle (Hydrological Cycle).

Made of

95% Waste ceramics from the (for now Chinese) fine ceramics industry.


The product ZOAK is used nationally as a pavement for squares, roads, footpaths, and parking lots.

Environmental impact

  • The product ZOAK has a very favorable footprint. It even has a lower value than a concrete paver.
  • Ceramic waste is once again given a destination.
  • The effect of this product has a positive contribution to the water cycle, it absorbs water quickly, retains the water and allows it to evaporate again when it is warm.

Good to know

Zoak is also sound-reducing. 

Growth opportunities

  • For now, Tilesystems only has the problem that it is still produced in China. There are no correct product locations in Europe that can produce this stone. Behind the scenes, Tilesystems is working on eventually starting up a European product location.
  • There is a need for a European plant for a better footprint and lower cost price. But in order to eventually realize this, Tilesystems has to make progress!