Luma Algae Plaster

This plaster is based on a unique mix of excavated earth and a small amount of biobased materials.

Clay plasters are CO2 neutral.

Made of

  • Earth component from Brussels
  • Biobased element from Belgium

Production process

  • In many yards, earth is excavated in preparation for the foundation.
  • The first step is the excavation.
  • Then, BC materials springs into action to deliver the soil instead of distant transports to mines or quarries.
  • Then it is edited and transformed into a mix.
  • And as a final step, the clay plaster is sold to contractors who will apply it


Clay plaster can be used as a wall finish.

Environmental impact

  • The wall patches are totally reusable (not just recyclable).
  • They do not contain any toxic substances and are CO2 neutral.
  • The use of local soil ensures a large reduction in transport and therefore emissions.