Smartty Aqua Green Panel


The Aqua Green Panel is an invention of Eduard van Vliet and offers a slim water-buffering green-sloped roof solution

Would you like to bring the water-buffering power of greenery into the city?

Made of

  • Grasses
  • Flowers
  • Sedum

Production Process

  • First, the zinc patented plate is produced.
  • Once laid, the greenery can be applied with a special substrate.
  • This ensures that water can be buffered optimally without leading to thick constructions.
  • The greenery continues to grow indefinitely and can be maintained just like any other green roof.


The Aqua Green Panel will be shown for the first time during the Dutch Design Week and will hopefully make its way as one of the usual roof solutions.

Environmental impact

  • The Aqua Green Panel manages to retain the water for much longer during downpours to relieve sewers. 
  • Furthermore, the buffered water in the greenery with its special substrates ensures better air quality and a healthier temperature that has an insulating effect in both summer and winter.
  • The raw materials are available everywhere and can be delivered locally.

Growth opportunities

In both renovation and new construction, sloping roofs can now also hold large amounts of water in a smart and slim manner during downpours. A special opportunity for water boards to quickly green urbanization in consultation with housing associations.