Natura Mater

The building sector is responsible for 40% of global CO2 emissions and waste. This is due to the widespread use of processed and inert materials. However, this sad fact is not inevitable. For thousands of years, people have drawn on nature to build ambitious structures of unparalleled longevity. 

Despite their many advantages for health and environment, natural materials are largely underused. For many building owners, natural materials are a source of concern due to a lack of information. For professionals, working with sustainable materials means changing their habits and finding out where to get information, training and supplies.

Natura Mater is a young company whose mission is to boost the position of bio- and geo-sourced materials in the building market by removing the obstacles to their use.

What exactly do they do?

  • They give advice to professionals on the choice of sustainable materials for their project and provide all the useful information in terms of technical specifications and implementation;
  • They supply the materials and ensure their delivery to the worksite thanks to a large network of producers and logistic partners;
  • They guide professionals in the implementation of materials during the execution phase.
  • They give owners, architects, developers and contractors the support they need to make their project sustainable.

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