SIDATI has specialised in woodworking for 20 years. While they used to be active in all branches of carpentry, they gradually turned their focus to timber construction. By being able to realise their own building dreams in the middle of greenery, they became more and more convinced that it is necessary to do it in a sustainable, ecological, circular and organic way as well. So as a team, they are constantly looking for sustainable, innovative building methods that meet the diverse needs of their clients. The eagerness to build bio-ecologically and to see this as standard with all the freedoms as in traditional construction remains their greatest motivation.

They see themselves as an atypical construction company and like to put the fun atmosphere in their office and on site first, but constantly watch out for perfection! They are convinced that this way they can also achieve the best results.

They always work in a construction team. In this way, each party applies its full experience and expertise in order to achieve an optimal ratio in terms of budget, time and quality.

They consider it important to be able to enter into equal consultation with the client, the architect, the engineer and the other building partners.

From main dream to mainstream

They see it as their task to create more awareness around the impact of building materials on humans and their environment. Why still build with traditional, environmentally polluting building materials when nature gives us everything we need to realise an ecological building project?

Their ambition is to realise their clients’ living dreams or working environments, especially where challenges are unusual, natural materials are allowed to exude their inherent beauty and harmony is allowed to take centre stage.

You will find in SIDATI a professional partner that dares to think about tomorrow’s innovation and also dares to give its honest opinion here. 

Isn’t that what it takes to make that transition?
So a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy home or work environment!