The 2 little pigs were ahead of their time

strito studio

photo: Rogier Fokke fotografie

In the famous fairy tale of the 3 little pigs and the bad wolf, 2 of the 3 little pigs hadn’t seen it this bad before. The first pig built a house of straw and the second pig one of wood. They knew something the third pig did not know. Namely, a house made of natural materials is better for health and living pleasure.
strito studio continues these thoughts. They offer 4 studios made of natural building materials that together form a modular home. Healthier and better.

Polluted air in Jakarta as motivation

Founder Willem Fokke lived and worked in Jakarta, Indonesia. The air pollution there is enormous. Every day a gray blanket of polluted air hangs over the city. This is not good for humans mentally as well as physically.

The built environment itself has caused this. Instead of complaining, Willem decided to be part of the solution. This resulted in strito studio, a new housing concept as a step towards a healthier living environment.

strito studio

Healthy materials

The focus of the concept is the use of regrowing, natural materials and modularity. In contrast to the way of building of the third pig (with stone), natural materials are much less harmful. These materials are better for the health of the resident and for the environment.
In the strito concept, the materials are at least 80% natural and regrowable. They have multiple choices* for each building component. The most remarkable material is the bamboo skeleton. Constructively, the use is still unknown, but it is promising. At the moment, strito is researching how this can be further developed.

Modular living

The second important aspect is modularity. Strito has 4 different modules, each with its own function. From 2 modules you already have a fully-fledged home. Will more or less space be needed at a later time? Then a module can easily be added or removed.
Willem Fokke says: ‘At the moment, wooden houses are often only made for the higher income classes. We need to make sure that solutions to climate change are not just for the rich. In this way we avoid greater inequality.”

design: rotative studio

With strito the resident only pays for her needs. This concept is ideal for housing corporations. In this way they can offer a large group of households a suitable home and more people have access to a healthy home.
The 3 little pigs hadn’t thought of that yet. They could also have built a healthy and sturdy home together and have more time to enjoy life.

More information and contact

* Are you working on the development of, or do you have a natural building material? Get in contact with strito. They like to apply new materials in building their new houses.