WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep

WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep is a construction company based in the Achterhoek (The Netherlands) with branches in Winterswijk, Groenlo and Doetinchem. The vision is focused on the integral development, design, construction and maintenance of real estate in which collaboration and co-creation are important core values. WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep works for governments, developers, corporations, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, the corporate sector and in the private sector.


WAM&vanDuren Bouwgroep focuses on the sustainable development goals (SDGs). These sustainable objectives are used as a stepping stone for the company objectives up to 2023.

Circular construction is more than just applying biobased materials. WAM&VanDuren’s point is that re-use of ‘the building blocks’ and the application of the SDGs are already considered during the design process. This is very well possible by building smart modular and demountable. Materials are applied in their projects in such a way that they can be reused as high as possible on the R-ladder (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). The materials of the building are recorded in material passports, in order to collect all the necessary data.