Caspar de Haan

Caspar de Haan has existed for nine generations. Here they have one goal in mind: to make real estate more sustainable for the generations that follow. The question is not whether fully sustainable ownership is possible, but how we can achieve it together. With smart and people-oriented choices in maintenance and renovation.


Caspar de Haan works on making existing property more sustainable by maintaining and renovating houses, buildings and complexes. They believe it is important to have an open and equal conversation with the residents. The approach covers the entire cycle, from renovation to sustainable maintenance and management. About the solutions for now, but especially about those for tomorrow. That is why making homes more sustainable is playing an increasingly important role within the projects. Caspar de Haan helps their clients to make their home ownership more sustainable with smart solutions and innovations. With the bigger goal in mind: energy neutral by 2050.

The Caspar de Haan Team devises solutions that ensure lower energy costs and more living comfort. That is where the challenge lies: using the most sustainable insulation materials and helping residents to make optimal use of their sustainable home. So that people like to live and work in it. And so that a healthy, livable environment is left to the next generations.