Galvanized steel as supporting construction

Kloeckner Metals ODS Nederland / Jansen by ODS

These lightweight constructions and facade profiles are detachable and reusable because all connections are reversible. This makes reusability very easy. Producing these detachable constructions also leads to significantly reduced CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional construction methods. The system is offered as a complete service to developers, building managers and users of buildings. This means that after use, the steel is taken back by the manufacturer, who can use it again.

Demountable structures are an important building block of the circular economy

Galvanized strip steel is a metal mixture of

  • Iron
  • Carbon
  • Zinc


Steel as a basic material is certainly not new, its viability and applicability is known. However, this method is not so much about the material, but about the principle of offering circular prefab constructions as a service. And that is a smart new way to extend the life of the material. This is now being applied on a small scale. The load-bearing construction can be used in various architectural structures. Slender and high facades are the trademark of Kloeckner metals ODS Netherlands but constructions like these are is also used in Tiny houses.

Environmental impact

  • The connections in the construction are detachable. As a result, the construction can not only be disassembled for reuse, but the existing construction can also be expanded for a longer lifespan, making it more sustainable.
  • The technical lifespan of the construction is set at 100 years. However, for Jansen by ODS it is of greater importance that the construction can be used in infinitely short cycles.

Growth opportunities

  • Jansen by ODS focuses on collaboration for growth. As a company, they can only deal with one part of the problem themselves. We depend on each other for the total solution.
  • That is why the entire chain must cooperate. Jansen by ODS takes care of the construction and reusability. The beginning of the chain (raw materials) must take its own responsibility. For example, by making the mining of raw materials more sustainable and by working with renewable energy in the production of steel.
  • A rethinking process is also needed in the area of financing. Many finance models are based on linear thinking, while the chain has to get used to alternative financing that fits in a circular process.

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