Forest of the future

Pro Suber

Pro Suber (freely translated from Latin; for cork) informs about the use of 100% biobased expanded cork as insulation within the Dutch construction sector. Pro Suber promotes and supplies the (expanded) cork to professionals & processors as well as to private individuals. Based on the reasoning that due to an increased demand for cork, more cork oaks will be needed in the future, one of the goals is to actually place more cork oaks, which can provide us with this good material with versatile properties and applications in the coming generations. This is happening under the guise of #hetbosvandefuture. Another way to ensure that we have more of the cork material available in the future is by making sure that we make and keep the already present cork available within the residual flow; we call it cork upcycling. The high-quality availability of this cork from the Netherlands is done by De Eker B.V.

Making cork circular

Within the Exploded View, this all comes together within the tree box that was made for the cork oak from #hetbosvandefuture. The frame is made of 100% biobased expanded cork, which is filled with cork granulate made available by De Eker, made from bottle cork collected in the Netherlands. Biobased, renewable and circular come together here.