Wonderstone is a new ClayLime natural coating for walls and floors, based on clay and silica. Thanks to a waxed concrete effect, this coating offers a quality finish for the whole house.

Made from

  • clay
  • Sedimentary rock

Clay, available in abundance, is a millennia-old building material. Now it has been given a new life. 


  • Wonderstone is suited to apply on interior and exterior walls, interior floors, worktops and stairs, without the limitations of cement and without cracks. 
  • This material is VOC (organic substances that evaporate quickly) free, very easy to apply, it offers high wear resistance and is air permeable. 
  • It is available in a range of colors, can be finished in different styles and can be made stain and water resistant. 

Environmental impact

Cement is responsible for about seven to eight percent of global CO2 emissions. Claylime’s products contain no cement and are more environmentally friendly.