No Waste Floor

Herso circulaire houtbewerkers

The floor is made from 100% waste wood, which is why Herso is the first to obtain the FSC 100% recycled quality mark. It is important to preserve the CO₂ stored in wood, which is why reuse is important. The qualities of wood can be used for hundreds of years, in this way Herso makes the antiques of the future.

The entire wood stock of Herso consists of more than 450 cubic meters of waste wood, just enough to supply Amsterdam with electricity for 20 minutes.

Made from

100% waste wood, collected from the recycling center in Oss, demolition projects or private individuals who bring unwanted or discarded furniture. If it is solid wood, Herso circular woodworkers can work with it.


  • It has been used as a floor in many offices, of which one of the best known is the circular pavilion of the ABN Amro.
  • A grandstand and staircase were recently made from No Waste in the blond version at the Aeres Hogeschool in Almere. This can be viewed by everyone during the Floriade exhibition.
  • The collagens used are somewhat waterproof, so No Waste can only be used indoors. An oil is used as a finish.

Environmental impact

  • LCAs (Life Cycle Analyzes) have been calculated for all products by the independent agency Nibe, because it is important that the production process is viewed transparently and neutrally.
  • If a No Waste furniture is no longer desired, it can be returned to the production process. This can be repeated endlessly because the wood hardly loses its qualities if it is properly cared for.
  • The materials can compost well without causing problems for the environment, but it is better to return the material to the workshop in Loosbroek, to be able to make new materials from it.
  • Herso is the first to obtain the FSC 100% recycled label.

Growth opportunities

Herso is currently already scaling up; partly by using people who are at a distance from the labor market and partly by getting more out of recycling bins. But the achilles heel is that the process remains largely manual process, which slows down the scale up.

Good to know

No unhealthy glue is used, so that no polyurethane is evaporated.

Thanks to a new technique, light furniture and kitchens can be made from 100% waste wood. These are acoustically very good and strong.