A measurable sustainable living environment


NL Greenlabel stands for a measurable sustainable living environment. They do this by means of various sustainability passports. The labels provide insight into the sustainability score of products, panels and materials that are used in infrastructure projects and green management at a glance. These are independently assessed on the basis of their value for people and nature and ensure that sustainability is made transparent.

The NL Green label provides individuals, companies and governments with quick, transparent and substantiated concrete starting points for realizing sustainability ambitions.

What NL Greenlabel pursues:

  • Preserving and enhancing the quality of the existing environment
  • Co-creation, citizen participation and ownership
  • Green as added value, not as decoration
  • Man and nature in balance
  • A green and healthy living environment
  • Building a guest in the landscape
  • People, Planet, Profit & Prosperity

-Nico Wissing and Lodewijk Hoekstra are the founders of NL Greenlabel. 
-Nico Wissing is the designer of the gardens of The Exploded View Beyond Building and The Growing Pavilion.

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