Sustainable construction is also sustainable appreciation. We are looking for a different value system in which the appreciation for social impact and solidarity increases, while pollution and greed are penalized. In the short term, this requires a fair and accurate appreciation of the qualities of the sustainable materials and methods with which we build. In the slightly longer term, this requires a rethinking of how we organize our financing, our laws, our rules and even our economy in such a way that we can actually live up to  the values of more sustainable and more together.

What is their value?
How do we show the value of biobased materials and circular building methods? This requires proper certification and a fair calculation of the real costs and burdens. What is the environmental impact of each material? How much CO2 do they hold? How long do they last and under what circumstances? So much more needs to be researched and so much more needs to be determined by the government and the construction industry so that we can make a correct estimate of the value of circular and biobased.

What becomes valuable?
We are evolving towards a new value system. A system that focuses less on profit and constant growth but more on sustainability for people, nature and society.  We are moving towards a system where ownership and eternity give way to service and permanent temporality.

What are our values?
However, we can only evolve into a new value system if we have our values on which we want to build that system in order. What do we really think is important? What do we want to fight for? What do we want to guard and what do we want to achieve as a society? If we really want sustainability, solidarity and circularity, we‘ll have to make some real choices.

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