Rabo Carbon Bank


A bank where the currency is not about money, but about the storage of carbon. This is the initiative of the Rabo Carbon Bank and is an example of a new value system. They develop projects in collaboration with farmers. CO2 can be stored in nature, trees and soil. The bank then mediates between these parties that store the CO2 and companies that want to reduce their CO2 emissions.
Using scientific methods, they determine the impact of changes and provide carbon credits. They monitor the agreements to ensure that the estimated impact is realised.

Carbon agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is agriculture with a positive effect on soil quality. There are natural processed used, consistently this positively to the fertility of the soil, which is the ability to absorb2. Rabobank sees a revenue model in Carbon Credits as a fundamental step to take regenerative agriculture to a larger scale. The branch for 1 carbon credit depends on several factors, but is fixed at around €30 per credit.

With the Rabo Carbon Bank, Rabobank wants to make the transition to sustainability in the regenerative agricultural landscape.

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